If you live in Omaha then you are most likely familiar with the “Best of Omaha” contest for all the different businesses in town. People apparently vote for their choice as the best Dentist or in our case Painter.

I know that some businesses really get into it and hire PR people, social media experts, etc. to get their business voted number one. I have had various companies approach me with their pitch to get to number 1.

I have always assumed it was a bit of a gimmick or that it was a rigged “contest” with employees logging in under different names/email addresses to “vote”. That may still be the case, I don’t know, but imagine my surprise when I opened a letter notifying me that we were number 1. Voted the Best Painting Company in Omaha. I didn’t vote and only one person I know voted for us and they told me after I told them of our new professional standing.

we’re number 1

It’s kinda cool. Nice to be recognized. Have you ever voted in one of these contests? I may next time around.

Oh and I got a couple banners, a sticker and the card informing me of the results.

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