What You Need To Know Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Painting kitchen cabinets may seem to some as a quick and easy job, but it is a time consuming process when done correctly. To fully understand the process, here is what you need to know before painting your kitchen cabinets.

kitchen cabinet paint

It’s intrusive. Most activity in a home revolves around the kitchen. While you don’t completely loose access to the kitchen, the kitchen becomes a work zone. It helps to plan ahead and set up a temporary kitchen space by moving a coffee maker, microwave , etc. to a different area of your home. Eating out and take out food is also an option. You will continue to have access to your refrigerator, oven, sink until it’s time to spray and often we can uncover those appliances at the end of the day when spraying.

It’s time consuming. Most projects can be done in 5 days but it is an art not a science. It can take longer then that based on the size of the job, how many hours a day can be worked, dry times of the coatings, etc. Be prepared for it taking longer then what is anticipated. The most important thin to us is that the job is done correctly and done as well as possible. The amount of time it takes is secondary.

It’s smelly. While most homeowners don’t find the odors offensive, there are odors you are not accustomed to. If you have people in your household sensitive to odor, take that into consideration.

It’s different. Having your kitchen “taken over” breaks your routine. The change in routine is often an issue with pets. They are not accustomed to strangers in your space and all the activity. We can’t do our job dealing with pets. It is best to make arrangements for your pets ahead of time.

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