Brush Preservation

Clean Brushes = Quality Work

I always say you should buy the best equipment/tools you can afford. They pay for themselves in the long haul. Once you have made that investment you need to maintain what you have. The paint brush is a key component to any paint contractors tool bucket. I recommend a 3″ Purdy, Wooster or Corona and the best way to keep them in top condition is to keep then clean.

I like to keep my brush clean as I work. I don’t stand it up in a cut bucket of paint and I keep the paint on the business end of the brush. Never up on the heel and ferrule of a brush.


Always clean your brush when you are done your work. Never wrap it up in plastic or foil to clean later. I often clean my brush after I’ve worked for a bit just to keep it performing right.

The best way to clean your brush is with water for latex coatings. In a sink with water running in it rinse the brush and dab it in the sink till the water runs clear. Get the brush wet and squeeze it in your hand forcing water back towards the ferrule. You will see more paint come off the brush. I usually do this till the water is clear and then use some dish soap and run the process again.

When you think it’s clean, shape the brush (align the bristles) and allow to dry.

clean brushes

If you need extra cleaning a safe product is Krud Kutter brush cleaner. It works well and is safe on the brush. I’ve tried several different cleaners and most are very hard on the bristles. you end up with a clean but useless brush. The bristles are soft and don’t hold their shape. Krud Kutter works very well and is easy on the brush. It’s my go to cleaner when I need one.

Remember clean brushes = quality work!

Some good information about Krud Kutter and quality brushed can be found below.

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