Getting Ready For The Painter

Getting ready for the painter is easy! If you have made the decision to hire a professional Omaha Painting Contractor. Bravo! What follows is a summary of what you can do to insure a smooth and easy paint job.

What should you do to get ready? Expectations vary from contractor to contractor so I will give you a generalized idea of do’s and don’ts.

Knowing what you want. By the time your Paining Contractor arrives you should already know what you want done. If this is an interior job then knowing what rooms you want to have painted helps. Ha ha. You can always add to the job if you want additional rooms done.

Your color selection should already be made. If not, your contractor can provide draw downs of various colors for you to choose from. At The Painting Company we can custom mix colors on the job for you!

getting ready for the painter

We don’t expect customers to move large furniture. We will do that as part of the job. You should remove as much of your  belongings as you can from the area. This makes for a much faster job. What furniture or belongings remain in the room will be protected with clean drops and plastic.

Delicate and fragile items should be removed from the area by the customer as well as electronics like computers, flat screen tv’s, etc.

It is standard practice that we remove switch plates, curtain rods, blinds, etc.

Arrangements should be made for access. Provide a garage door opener or have a neighbor provide access if you will not be home. If you will not be home you should provide a contact number in case there are questions while you are away.

For safety, children should not be in the area while work is being performed. Pets (dogs,cats) should not be underfoot. I came back to a job after lunch once to discover the pet dog chewing on the handle of my $30 brush! Argh!

We do everything we can to insure the process is stress free and done right. In the last thirty plus years we have worked in almost every situation you can imagine and have managed to keep our customers happy. Getting ready for the painter and your next paint job is really pretty easy and simple.

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