Paint and selling your home

Touchups that sell

The home real estate market is hot. Sellers are definitely in the drivers seat in 2016. If you happen to be considering selling your home there are areas where a little time and paint will help you get top dollar. Touchups =$.


Curb appeal: The exterior of your home may need a little touch up. Areas around the front door and trim are common areas of concern. Window sills and areas around gutters are also good touch up candidates. Check around the garage door and trim where it meets the driveway. One walk around your home will help identify what needs a little attention.

Entry way: The walls and trim in the entryway are a persons first impression of your home. Smudges around light switches and scuffs on base trim are good places to invest a little time. A fresh coat of a neutral color is something to consider.

Kitchens/baths: These areas of the home are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Kitchens are one area that typically help sell a home. extra scrutiny in these areas will pay off.

Woodwork: Whether it is stained or painted it is a good idea to touch up. Interior window sills are a common area that gets sun damage and wear.

Cabinets: Kitchen and bathroom cabinets take a lot of abuse and should be cleaned and touched up.

Garage walls: Consider removing the contents and giving it a fresh coat of an off white.

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