Painting Mistakes

The Big Four


Almost all paint failure can be traced back to these 4 lapses in judgement.


painting mistakes



Painting Mistakes


Poor surface prep. Regardless of the skill and experience of the painter, inadequate prep is the number one reason paint jobs fail. Good prep work and attention to detail will almost guarantee success. Cleaning the surface to be painted whether it is indoors or out, Sanding, caulking, priming and sealing stains are all necessary steps and are the sign of a “real”  skilled pro.


Working with poor/cheap equipment. The equipment you choose is critical to a successful job. Quality brushes apply paint in a uniform and professional manner. Proper paint poles provide the right height and grip to reach difficult areas. High end roller frames hold onto the roller cover and don’t fall apart under stress. A quality roller cover hold enough paint and applies it properly.


Working under poor conditions. On an exterior job; painting when it is too cold or too hot or prior to rain. Painting in direct sun on a surface that is too hot. On interior work, working in poor lighting conditions or when others are creating less then optimal work conditions for painting or staining (carpenter creating sawdust).


Using poor quality paint. Always purchase the best paint you can afford. You can have great prep work, super equipment and perfect painting conditions and end up with a disaster if you skimp or bargain shop for paint. I have always found it amazing that in the United States we gladly pay $300.00 a gallon for the paint going on our cars but consider it expensive to pay $20.00 or $30.00 a gallon for the paint going on our home. You get what you pay for.


Painting mistakes happen but if these 4 are avoided you are well on your way to a successful paint project.

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