Painting over Lead-based Paint

Painting over lead-based paint is doable. It’s also known as encapsulation. My favorite brand product for this is Insl-X lead block. It has low odor and can be re-coated with most products or left as the finish coat.It has an eggshell sheen.

One interesting thing is it also contains “bitrex” a bitter tasting additive that makes eating paint chips less likely. I never have understood why anyone would eats paint chips anyhow but eh.

The most important thing is to avoid any action that will put lead dust into the environment like sanding. If you do have chips of paint, dispose of them properly.

Lead-based paint is dangerous. Always use a respirator, gloves and eye protection.

If it looks like the paint is peeling or flaking off then encapsulation is probably not an option and you should contact a professional paint contractor to look at the job for you.

If the paint you are encapsulating is in fair condition and you use a quality product like Insl-X you will get about 10 years out of the project based on wear and tear.

The other option is complete removal of the lead-based paint and any other paint along with it. This is a job for the professional. They are time consuming and we don’t do too many of them year to year. This one was done over about 4 weeks.

This one turned out great!! We discovered beautiful cedar siding under many many layers of old paint. Painting over lead-based paint is sometimes an option. Sometimes it needs to be removed. Get the advise of a professional. Our estimates are free.

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