3 Useful Painting Tools

Useful painting tools are sometimes hard to separate from all the plastic garbage you find in the big box stores. I always keep my eye out for the new and interesting. Above all it has to be useful and do the required job. Here are three I like.

Spring tools

These are great little gadgets. If you have ever set a nail, you know what a pain in the backside it can sometimes be. Balancing the nail set on the nail head and then striking with a hammer can be challenging in tight spaces. With these little tools no hammer required and they easily fit in your pocket. You just hold the set against the nail and pull back on the spring and let go. They work great! The door hinge pin version is also great and works like a dream.

spring tools. nail set and door hinge pop

Rope handle

If you have a five gallon bucket full of tools then you know how heavy that bucket quickly gets. I have gone trough numerous handles and have even struggled with only the wire portion of the handle because the plastic part broke away. I have a stuffed “painters bucket” and it must weigh a good 60+ lbs. I have one of these handles on it and it works extremely well. They aren’t “cheap” but then nothing in my bucket is so…

berkley rope handle


The tool of tools. I always have mine on me. It’s hard to feel like your really “one the job” without one. Once you have one you will quickly realize how many things you can do with it. Open cans of paint, scraping, knife down your tape, etc. A must for any painter that is the Real Deal!

5-in-1 tools

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