7 Types of Cabinet Finishes

A kitchen should be a place you want to spend time in. The focus of your kitchen is the cabinets. There are endless choices in design and style but there are basically 7 types of cabinet finishes.


Painted kitchen cabinets are the trend in Omaha. When professionally done the durability and appearance can’t be beat. Besides durability the big plus with painted cabinets is the endless selection of colors. You can find a color to fit any decor. Much more budget friendly then cabinet replacement.


Very common in homes. Many new homes still go this route. Most new custom cabinets are built with stain grade wood in the Omaha area. Large selection of stain choices and lacquer is very durable. Cabinets that have a stain/lacquer finish can be painted however it won’t work the other way. Once a cabinet is painted it must always be repainted. You can’t go from paint to stain. Seems obvious but I have been asked.


A glazed cabinet finish is a popular trend in Omaha. The cabinets go through the process necessary to paint them and then the Glazing process begins. The final step is a clear coat so the cabinets are both attractive and durable. The finished product draws attention with it’s unique look. It is an interesting look but labor intensive.


Acrylic cabinets are a high gloss finish. Available in many colors. This type of cabinet is durable. It has a plastic looking appearance so many people do not go this route when choosing a cabinet. It will stand the test of time. Fingerprints, stains, and dirt are more obvious with this type of laminate. More frequent cleaning is necessary.


The natural look of wood. If you appreciate the unique beauty of wood this is a good way to go. It is very important to seal and protect the wood for long lasting durability. Sanding the surfaces and sealing them followed by several coats of lacquer will guarantee a long lasting finish.


Laminates are a budget friendly finish for your kitchen. Laminates are hot pressed onto the surface of the cabinet and then edge banding is applied to the edges or sides. This type of finish has many color choices and come in a high gloss or matte sheen. The biggest plus is a nice look without spending a lot.


Similar to laminates, veneers are thin slices of wood instead of a man made material. Veneers will have the same beauty and grain of wood without the cost of a solid surface. A more natural look when compared to laminates. This type of finish does require a little more care when handling.

7 types of cabinet finishes

These are the 7 types of cabinet finishes. A finish for every budget and look. Next time your in a home improvement center, make note of the various finishes they offer in their cabinet area.

7 types of cabinet finishes. photo of cabinets being sprayed.

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