Advantages To Hiring A Professional Paint Contractor

Well some of the advantages seem pretty obvious right? Quality work, speed, etc. Those are listed below but it goes much deeper then that. If you happen to find a paint contractor with lots of experience, you would be surprised at the added benefits.

Quality Workmanship

I listed this one first because it is so important to me. I always feel like my ass is on the line every time we take on a new job. While I am still on lots of our jobs, much of the work is actually carried out by staff. That’s tough for a quality control freak. Warren Buffet once stated that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 20 minutes to wreck one. I believe that is true. My guys are very good but If I’m not actually working a job you better believe I am checking every detail.


One of the secrets to speed is never sacrificing quality for speed. The goal is speed from efficiency and experience. When you have all the tools and the knowledge, it is surprising how fast the job gets done.


Having all the necessary tools for the job. There is quite an outlay in cost for high end painting equipment. Someone that has been in the business for some time is already going to have what is needed for almost any job. Scaffolding, 40 foot ladders, HEPA vacuum systems, etc.

keep calm i'm number one


As time goes by, knowledge will be gained. It is not just a matter of improving painting skills. It is also managing people, jobs, scheduling, problem solving, etc. When a new problem is solved, that knowledge is added to the trouble shooting, problem solving checklist. Immediately identifying a problem or potential problem speeds the process along and adds to efficiency.


A good paint contractor is going to be up on what is trending and have valuable suggestions on colors and coordinating them into your home. Color consulting is something we do weekly and it’s free.


That’s important. You don’t want one guy showing up to paint the exterior of your home. Putting the correct number of people on a job is learned over time. Two workers might be just the right number to paint a bedroom. Four people would be inefficient and actually slow the process down.


Knowing how long a job should take and putting the right number of people on that job to stay on schedule is a learned skill. It isn’t just a matter of paint scheduling, it can also be knowing how to properly combine the schedules of multiple trades like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. Knowing who should be first and last is important.


How to safely stage a job is critical. Knowing when to use a lift or scaffolding. Ladder jacks, safety harnesses, etc. It all comes together to make for a safe work environment.


It isn’t just a matter of good brush work and how well someone can cut a straight line. It is combining all the above to provide the customer the best experience possible when they choose to hire a professional paint contractor.

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