Best Cabinet Painting Practices


I think we do the best cabinet painting in Omaha and the surrounding communities. I have seen what the “other guys” do. There is some good work out there but ours is by far much better in craftsmanship and the materials used. We use the best coatings available and I am always looking for something better.

How do you know if your getting the best cabinet painting?

Cabinets must be sprayed. Period. If a paint contractor tells you they can brush it and you can’t tell the difference, run. You CAN tell the difference. You wouldn’t have someone brush a new coat of paint on your car? The reason many paint contractors don’t spray is because of the prep involved in getting your kitchen ready to be sprayed. It is a lot of work to prep out a kitchen for spraying. I have had many customers tell me that they had no idea so much work went into getting it ready to go.

One of my biggest cabinet painting competitors brushes the cabinets and takes the doors and drawers to his shop to spray. This makes no sense. Obviously avoiding the time involved in prepping to spray in an occupied home.

Best cabinet painting prep

The steps we take when painting or staining cabinets are as follows. Glazing cabinets has a few extra steps:

  1. The cabinet doors and drawers are labeled and removed.
  2. The door and drawer pulls are removed as well as the hinges. The doors and drawers are transported to our spray booth.
  3. Appliances that need to be removed are.
  4. The floor is completely covered with rosin paper.
  5. The countertops, walls, appliances, sink are masked off and protected.
  6. Zip walls are installed. These are plastic barriers enclosing the work area.
  7. The doors and drawers are worked in tandem with the work being done at the Home.
  8. The cabinets are cleaned, sanded, caulked, puttied as needed.
  9. Any repair work is done as well as drilling and filling door and drawer holes if new pulls are to be installed.
  10. The cabinets get two coats of bonding primer and one coat of stain blocking primer. Sanded between coats.
  11. The cabinets get two coats of finish. Sanded between coats.
  12. The cabinets get 2 coats of clear sealer. The best is General Finishes Polyurethane.
  13. Doors and drawers are reinstalled, hardware installed.
  14. Everything is cleaned up.
Best cabinet painting results

Cabinet work is a time consuming process. The best cabinet painting requires many steps to follow, as you can see. If you look at the list above you will notice it is mostly prep work. Getting everything ready for paint. That is the key to success. Professional results require the skills of a professional cabinet painter.

In Omaha there are many painting contractors and a few that are skilled at cabinets. Ask questions about the process and how much prep goes into the job. The Paints, primers, stains and clear coats and glazes should be high end specialty products for professional use. The contractor should have many years experience using these products.

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