We have been crazy busy this summer. I intended to keep this blog rolling but you know how it is, you get busy, have the best of intentions but before you know it you have put things off for months, a day at a time.

Well things are slowing done a bit so here we go with getting this blog out to everyone that’s been bugging me about it! Ha ha.

Things really took off around June. In addition to our regular work load we were asked to coat all the steel that supports the Olympic Trial Pools used at the Quest Center. This was an interesting job. There are two pools. The pool liners are sold. One went to California the other to North Dakota. The steel is stored in Omaha for 4 years for the next trials.

We were asked to find a coating to protect the steel and stop the corrosion. We went with a two component Amerlock sealer. It only has about a 30 minute pot life so we really had to move fast when spraying.


There was a lot of it to spray. Seven semi-truck loads of pallets.

steel on pallets

We were asked to be part of the J C Penny remodel at Oakview Mall. We repainted all the dressing rooms.


We worked the South Hill development in Omaha. This was a project for Ronco Construction. Luxury townhouses with a great central Omaha location.

south hill

We got to re-stain a log home. Not something we get the opportunity to do often.

BIG house-min

We repainted all the common areas and hallways in a retirement facility.


We got to do a color face lift for an Alohma store in Bellevue. We gave it a striking color scheme.


Lots of cabinet work.


Hiland Dairy got an Epoxy Ester applied to their ceiling after lots of prep work and an Aliphatic Urethane on the walls.

busy place
busy prepping ceiling
epoxy ester applied
ready to spray
aliphatic coating
busy doing touch up

It’s been a great summer. We have lots of work on the horizon and look forward to keeping Omaha beautiful!

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