Cabinet Caulking

An easily overlooked detail on a cabinet painting or glazing job is cabinet caulking. I am amazed how many companies doing cabinet finishing work skip this step. Some of the big players in the Omaha market do!!

It is time consuming just like most of the work involved in cabinet work. On average if a cabinet job takes 7 days to do the about 5 of those days are getting it ready to go.

The cabinet caulking or lack of cabinet caulking is not obvious right away but once it is pointed out to you it is so obvious.

See the difference between these two photos?

I have often been asked why i like doing cabinets and I never really have a great answer. It may be because I am very detail oriented as are people that work for me. That is a critical thing on finish work. Especially cabinet work.

There are so many details involved in producing a quality finished product. On this particular job we will be also doing a glaze and we ended up having to fill all the existing cabinet pull holes so we could drill for new pulls the customer had picked out.

As I have mentioned before we use an epoxy filler and a special primer over those areas. It is a great product that we use however it is tedious with all the sanding involved. You can however drill right into the filled in area if necessary without any problem.

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