Cabinet Hardware

There are many cabinet painting options to consider as part of your cabinet painting or refinishing project.

This is the perfect time to decide if you would like to change your cabinet hardware. New pulls or knobs are a nice finishing touch to the cabinet painting project. The easiest thing is to pick pulls/knobs that match the holes you already have in your cabinet doors/drawers. If you do find new hardware that does not line up it is not a problem however. We can fill in existing holes with a special epoxy filler and drill new ones if need be.

There are many places to choose hardware from. I normally suggest someone go to a big box store and get one pull (on two hole doors/drawers) and make sure the size actually will work. You can then shop with confidence knowing the hardware you buy will fit. Many stores have displays of what they have available and the selection is endless on Amazon.

Cabinet painting options

If you want to change out your hinges, now is the tie to do it. Simply take a hinge to match it and shop knowing it will work.

Soft-close hinges are an option. A little pricey but a nice touch. It makes sense to repaint your walls/ceilings as part of the project. Often customers want a complementary color on their walls and a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling always looks good.

After pulling out and sorting your cabinet contents it is nice to re-stock with cabinet organizers in place. Spice organizers, shelving, cooking utensil organizers… There are to many options to list here but the logical time to consider these is after your cabinets have been painted or refinished. Among cabinet painting options to consider is a new backsplash.

Ceramic tile and many other options are available as a peel and stick option. They look good and are not difficult to install.

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