Cabinet Painting In Shop

cabinet painting

Cabinet painting is one of my favorite things to do. Painting or staining. We do many cabinet jobs in a month. Because of the heavy load of cabinet work we are trying a new approach. Transporting the cabinet doors and drawers to our shop to be prepped and coated there.

I have always tended to stay away from transporting finished work because of the potential damage that can be caused in transport. However we recently purchased a new van that would be perfect for transport with the right rack system to hold the doors in place.

This will dramatically improve production for us and it lengthens the window of time we have each day to do work on the cabinet doors/drawers in the shop as opposed to the homeowners home where we would stop working around 5pm.

We have a nice big area in the shop to do the necessary prep and spray work and if I am lucky one of my tenant neighbors won’t renew their lease and I can expand into additional space and build out a nice prep and spray booth area. That’s what I want for Christmas!

Cabinet painting work in a more controlled area as opposed to a temporary set up at a homeowners home is great! Any tool we need are here!

We currently have enough space that we have been able to start working on large numbers of doors as well as some furniture pieces. More space would be even better.

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