Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint, not to be confused with chalk paint, is paint that can be applied to many different surfaces and it gives you the ability to then treat that surface as you would a chalkboard. There are many manufactures out there. I recommend going with a top brand like Benjamin Moore . They have a great product and you are not limited to specific color choices. You can have it tinted in virtually any color! Some of the brands are only available in the traditional black or green.

chalkboard paint

If you have never worked with a product like this, don’t worry it is pretty easy. I will give you some tips to ensure success. The prep for this product is basically the same as your typical latex wall coating with a few caveats. You want as smooth a surface as possible. When we apply this product for businesses or homeowners we often sand the area it’s going on and do a thin skimcoat of drywall mud. Priming the surface is a must.

What works best is to apply several coats with a thin nap roller cover. You want the thin nap because you are trying to keep the surface as smooth as possible. We usually do four coats over a tinted primer. The next tip is perhaps the most important. Don’t write on it for several days. Benjamin Moore suggests 3 days. I suggest a week at the standard room temperature. After a week take a piece of chalk and put it sideways on the surface. Lightly cover the area with chalk and then remove with a slightly damp cloth. When it is dry you are ready to roll.

chalkboard paint

Be careful when buying chalk. Some have a wax or oil in them that is difficult to erase and you will find that white and lighter chalks will erase better.

chalkboard paint

This stuff is great. The limitations are your imagination. There is the standard chalkboard area on a wall but the other uses are fantastic like:

chalkboard paint

A table top. Especially a table used by your children.

Wall Calendars

Pantry or cabinet door grocery list.

Decorative swatches on flower pots that serve as labels.

A recipe board

The ideas are endless. Have fun!

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