Color Personality

What is your favorite color?

Don’t give the question a lot of thought. What comes to mind first? Do you have a color that you automatically choose if asked this question? Believe it or not, your color choice can say much about you and your personality.

Surprisingly the color people choose as their favorite is often not the color they surround themselves with. For example; while someone may say that red is their favorite color, that may not be the color they choose for their car or clothing.

Your favorite color is the one that you notice first in most situations. It is the color that you are naturally drawn to.

Among both men and women,  blue is the most popular first choice for favorite color. Possible reasons for this may be that blue is associated with clean water, clear skies, truth and tranquility.

color personality

Purple is the second most common choice for women. Green for men.

Men tend to like bright colors. Women softer colors. As a general rule, men tolerate achromatic colors much more than women do. An achromatic color is one that does not have a hue like black and white.

Women tend to like tints and men prefer shades. A tint is any color with white added to it and a shade is any color with black added to it.

Men tend to keep color names simple like “red” and women tend to use variants like maroon, cayenne, maraschino.

The least favorite color among men is brown and among women it is orange.

So what does your color choice say about you?

Red– You are results or action oriented and you need physical fulfillment.

Purple– You seek order and perfection in your life. You tend to want to help others. You have a strong need for emotional security.

Green– You need to belong and feel wanted. You have a strong desire to feel safe and secure. Acceptance and acknowledgement is important to you.

Yellow– Logical order in your everyday life is important. You tend to want to express your individuality and creativeness.

Orange– You have a need to socialize with people and be accepted and respected. Challenges are something you tend to seek out.

Blue– Inner peace and truth are important to you. You tend to be less flexible to the viewpoint of others.

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