Colors That Promote Sleep

Colors that promote sleep are blue, yellow, green, silver and orange. We need about 7 hours of sleep a night on average. The best color? A soft blue. Besides promoting calmness and reducing blood pressure, in a study by the hotel chain Travelodge, it was discovered that people sleeping in a blue room get almost eight hours of sleep a night.

blue and yellow colors that promote sleep

The second best color was a pale yellow with an average nights sleep lasting 7 hours 40 minutes. It appears as though “cool” colors promote calmness and sleep and while “warm” colors like reds promote activity and conversation.

The third best color was green at 7 hours 36 minutes followed by silver at 7 hours 33 minutes.

Purple was the worst color at 5 hours 56 minutes.

Besides discovering the colors that promote sleep, the Travelodge study discovered that couples that slept in a red bedroom were the least likely to be intimate and most people that sleep in a blue bedroom wake up feeling happy.

Feeling happy and sleeping well. Seems like a blue bedroom is the way to go!

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