CyberSecurity is admittedly a strange subject for this website but it affects all of us. Consumers and business owners alike. When I developed this website for The Painting Company I installed several plugins that monitor activity. One of the plugins showed every “hit” on my website in real time. I was shocked. Thousands of attempts to access the backside or hack this website occur every day. My response was to install security programs and for many weeks I would watch the activity and personally block ip addresses attempting access. The whole process was an eye opener.

I don’t pay as much attention to it as I used to but I am still diligent. One thing I could not figure out was why? Why would someone want into this website I don’t store personal information or credit card numbers on it.

If someone gained access to this website or any other they can use it as a launching pad for other illegal activity. You don’t need to have “valuable” information on your website to be a target.

If you have a website for your business here are some simple steps that hopefully will help you with your security concerns.

Control Access

At some point you will give access to your website to people you don’t know. This may be for SEO purposes, website site development, etc. This is always going to be a risk but you can control your exposure by taking these steps:

  1. Know as much as you can about whom you give access to.
  2. Keep track of who has access, their passwords used, etc.
  3. Monitor their activity. There are activity log plugins that will show you when someone signs in and what they are doing.
  4. Restrict access. Give them access to the only things they need. For example Godaddy has ways to give someone access to limited areas on the backside without giving them access to everything.
  5. Eliminate access when they are done. Important! I’ve forgotten to do this.

Update Software

There are always loopholes and problems with software. When these are discovered updates patch these vulnerabilities and help keep your system updated and trouble free. If you aren’t diligent about updating your software consider setting it on automatic update if possible. This is an option with WordPress and many of it’s plugins.

Back Things Up

There are an endless list of backup programs for websites and computers. I have a couple programs for the website and IDrive for my computer. Set whatever program you choose on automatic and your good to go.


Everything has a password. Keeping track of them is a pain but necessary. Are you dependent on your passwords auto filling on your computer? Do you know what they actually are anymore? Everything that takes a password should have it’s own. Don’t use a password for more then one thing. Write them down and kept safe for reference. Secondary authentication is a good idea when available. That is where a text message is sent to you to enter after entering a password.

Change your passwords on a regular basis and keep track of who has them and what they have access to.

Have A Response Plan

I personally believe that the most important aspect to any cybersecurity plan is to have everything written down and filed away from your computer. Passwords, Website addresses for important websites like where your things are backed up to, Where your website is hosted at, contacts, lists of plugins and addresses. We are use to passwords and websites being auto populated on our computers that we are screwed if something happens to our computer or website.

Imagine there is a problem with your website or computer right now. What wold you do? Who would you contact? Can you do it without access to your computer or site? List out a, b, c, the things to do and how to do them. Keep this list with your password and important contacts list.

Cybersecurity is important for all of us. If you have a website and do the things suggested above you are well ahead of your competition and better prepared for the unexpected.

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