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The exterior painting season has begun for 2020. We got to kick the season off by painting a barn. My vision of a barn is like Green Acres. If you remember that show I imagine we were born in the same decade. Anyhow it was actually a metal building. A pole barn. This would require a direct to metal coating.

We ended up doing both the interior and exterior. The prep was similar to most exteriors. One thing that was a pain was the exterior had lots of vine suckers. The remnants of where vines were attached to the exterior. These are always difficult to remove. Even on metal. It is amazing to me how well those things stick. We typically use sanders and then spot prime the areas that are sanded. It takes lots of labor to do it right.

The choice of color was nice. An attractive red with white trim. A real improvement in my opinion. The interior went all white and the homeowner decided to not paint a few of the trusses inside which was a nice look but a lot of masking labor off of scaffolding.

Using the right direct to metal coating and proper prep turned this pole barn into a showpiece.

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