Foundation Repair and Paint

Last year we did some limestone repair at Omaha’s Old Market. It was at the corner of 12th and Howard. This was part of a exterior panting project at wheatfields. This was followed by some foundation repair on a residence in La Vista and we used the same process

The home had lots of foundation damage that needed repair prior to our painting it. We used the same mixture as before. A bonding cement mixed with a urethane bonding agent. I mix it up to about the consistency of silly putty. When using this mixture you always want to have several pairs of chemical resistant rubber gloves. The stuff is hard on your skin.

I find that using your hands works much better then any tool for forming and pressing it into the surface to be repaired. It’s necessary to build the surface up with several layers of cement spaced over several days to allow for drying.

Once the surface is where you want it you will want to use a Alkali resistant primer prior to painting. We did two coats primer and two coats of Satin Latex.

The metal railing got and epoxy primer followed with an Aliphatic Urethane. We made certain to caulk where the rails went into the concrete to prevent moisture problems and damage down the road. We used Sikaflex caulk for this. Sikaflex is a single component polyurethane.

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