Hilton Omaha Wallpaper Repair

Wallpaper repair or installation is not something we do on a regular basis. When we do it is usually on a commercial project like the Woodhouse Mazda project we are finishing up this week.

We were recently asked to look at some issues at the Omaha Hilton. With all the Coronavirus madness hotel occupancy has been rather low. With few people in the hotels problems develop. The Hilton had several water issues because the water wasn’t flowing in most of the pipes so leaks developed. This caused damaged drywall and wallpaper.

not good

We are repairing the damaged drywall in the ceilings and walls. Some areas need to be painted and some need wallpaper replacement.


Working around customers (guests) is a challenge as is the logistics of working on the 8th floor when your staging point or work area is on the 1st floor. We set up a cart with most of the supplies we need but there is still a lot of up and down in the elevator.

In this type of environment it is important to be efficient and keep the work areas clean. We had issues to deal with on every floor, 2 through 8. Sanding drywall always creates a lot of dust so we had to be sure to vacuum that up right away.

The drywall repair is just about done. Painting will begin today and the wallpaper repair and replacement will begin next week. That will be complex. Cutting 52 inch paper and pasting it and then getting it up to another floor will be interesting.

It’s too bad we can’t move our cutting table closer to where we need to install the paper but we can’t. It’s big. Can’t really take over a hallway.

When this project is complete we will be moving on to repairing the walls and painting the pool area. That will be interesting. Draining a pool and staging scaffolding in and around the pool.

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