Hot Colors for 2016

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Many of the paint companies put forth their “hot” color for the year.  This year (2016) there are some interesting choices.

Kelly-Moore Paint: Horizon Grey

horizon grey color

Kelly-More states: “Gray continues to take center stage for neutrals and this atmospheric mid-toned gray provides comfort and versatility. An understated calm neutral and go to color for a wide variety of items and spaces. It is a natural fit for the bedroom, and living room but certainly not limited to these areas”.

Benjamin Moore: Simply White

simply white color

Benjamin Moore: “The color white is transcendent, powerful, and polarizing”.

Glidden: Cappuccino White

Olympic: Blue Cloud

Pittsburg: Paradise found

All three are part of the PPG family

hot colors

Cappuccino White

cappuccino white color

Glidden:  “A delicate, creamy neutral that creates a peaceful calm in any space. Here, it complements a light neutral in a bright, airy kitchen. Cappuccino White creates a sense of delicacy and graceful design that promotes wellness, purity, mindfulness, balance, privacy and peace. It is the color of seashells and ocean-smooth rocks. The elegant white pairs well with delicate pastels and light neutrals”.

Blue Cloud

blue cloud color

Olympic: “Sparkling and deep undertone that resembles the ocean on a clear day. An unapologetic blue that is easily noticed, it is impactful, self-expressive, social and glamorous. The tone is sparkling and deep”.

Paradise Found

paradise found color

Pittsburg:  “A calm tone getting a lot of love this year. The quiet shade fits in perfectly with natural environments. It is a serious green that is nurturing as well as sturdy and protective. While Paradise Found appears quiet and muffled, it provides a sense of strength and organic energy that is reminiscent of the military and natural environments”.

Fine Paints of Europe: Piano Key

piano key color

Fine Paints of Europe: “A rich luminous black. “From high-fashion gowns to high-gloss paint, black is at once classic and rebellious, prestigious and edgy”.

Farrow & Ball: Salon Drab

Salon-Drab color

Farrow & Ball : They actually have 9 new colors this year in. You can see the other 8 here.  They have unique colors. I really like what they offer.



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