Interesting Paint Products IV

Round four of the interesting and different for your next painting project.

Glass Mask

There are several different companies that make liquid masking material. Most of them work well. The biggest drawback is often the cost. If you will be painting a lot of divided pane windows or doors, it can be worth the cost. In my experience, I would not buy in to the priming claims (on bare wood) some of the products make.

liquid mask

Lead Check

A must have for your painting tool kit. Easy to use and very accurate. Simply crush the glass ampule and shake. Then rub the moistened tip on the surfaces to be tested. Red indicates lead! This is also something nice to have around to spot check your children’s toys. Remember the batch of lead painted toys from China a few years ago?

painting project must have. lead check

Gorilla Hooks

These go by many different names but they all appear to be basically the same thing. They work great! We spend lots of time removing nails, etc. from walls and these are easy to install and remove, They are very strong and simple in design. Worth a look for your next painting project.

Residential Painting

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Commercial Painting

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