Kids Rooms and Paint Choices

Kids rooms and paint choices. Some people agonize over paint selection. It can be even tougher when you are choosing a color for your childs room. There is the standard blue for boys and pink for girls but often kids want to express their tastes beyond that and as kids get older they tend to spend more time in their room so it should reflect their tastes and be a place they are comfortable in.

kids rooms and paint choices

Here are some tips for making that perfect selection. If your child is old enough to express their opinion and understand about making choices, then it can be a good idea to include them in the selection process. I recommend narrowing down the choices to several colors you can live with and of course don’t include in the choices anything you don’t like.

It is never a good idea to just hand someone a full color deck (adult or child). It can be overwhelming to anyone and it is important to note that a little 2 inch square of a color doesn’t represent what it will look like on the walls in that special room.

I discourage people from buying samples of paint and putting them on the walls. It gets confusing and our eyes just blend all those colors as they get to our brain so it’s never a very accurate way to pick colors.

It’s best to pick three or four colors, lets your child pick one and go for it. At The Painting Company we are always happy to paint one wall, step back and let you decide. We can make color adjustments on site if you like. We also do fun things like ceiling clouds, glitter and cool graphics.

If you find yourself in a situation where your child likes a color your not crazy about, a good compromise is to paint all the walls a color you like and one wall the color your child likes. An accent wall. Since it is only one wall changing it will be much easier as your childs tastes change.

Give us a call! We make kids rooms and paint choices easy.

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