Cabinets Max Capacity

So as mentioned many times, cabinets are our “thing”. Most likely because I enjoy doing them. I can’t really explain why I do, I just do. Anyhow the problem we are facing is running out of room in our shop so we can stay efficient.

We just finished a job that had over 200 cabinet doors. That’s a crazy number. It was for the kitchen, built-in units throughout the house, vanity’s, etc. Plus all the drawers, shelves, balusters, spindles, etc.


So what do you do when you run out of space but hate moving? I like our Bellevue location and in many ways I don’t feel like we have finished moving in yet. Argh!

Expansion is a better option then moving but the spaces on either side of us have been in “limbo” as far as when they will be available, if ever.

That being said, I believe we will be looking for additional space specifically for cabinet work and likely keep our Bellevue location as a base of operations.

It will be nice to be able to set up several spray booth areas to do multiple jobs in tandem.

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