Mechanical Equipment Painting

mechanical equipment painting

Mechanical equipment painting is a challenge under the best of circumstances. If doing so in an operating environment like a factory or food processing plant it is even more of a challenge.

First and foremost of concern is safety. The safety of your employees and the employees at the facility.

Most plants will have a brief safety or orientation program which attendance is required.

Don’t rely on or assume the facility has the safety equipment you will need. Safety glasses, gloves, first aid kit, eye wash, hard hats, respirators are things you should have on hand. It is also a good idea being familiar with the nearest medical facility. You don’t want to be trying to figure out where one is at if it is needed.

Always have on hand MSDS (material safety data sheets) for all products you will be using. Product data sheets are also helpful to have on hand. Your paint supplier will provide you with these if asked.

Always follow lock out procedures on equipment you will be working on. Make sure no power is running to it and it is “locked” off.

Painters are the only people that should be in the area you are working in. You can’t manage/control the facilities people.

Working in a commercial facility is a nice change of pace.

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