Office Painting

Office painting is not any harder then residential painting however the challenge is usually in the scheduling. Most businesses want their facilities painted at a time that will impact their customers or employees the least. At The Painting Company we are accustomed to scheduling in the second and third shift. We have a Hair Salon in Ralston Nebraska scheduled this week for the second shift (after 5:00 pm) and we have a restaurant in Omaha Nebraska scheduled for the third shift (after 12:00 am) next week.

We often have commercial and industrial facilities that want to schedule over holidays and plant down time. The biggest challenge with this is when we have two or more businesses that want to schedule work over the same holiday like thanksgiving. When a large Commercial operation has scheduled maintenance or holiday down time that is often the best time for us and least expensive time for the customer to get painting done. It costs a lot of money to stop a production line, etc.

We just recently did some work in Omaha for Hiland dairy and that was scheduled for recurring Sundays.

office painting

It’s crucial for businesses to maintain a clean professional appearance for their customers. This holds true whether it is a Doctors office or a Dairy plant.

In addition to proper scheduling, knowing what coatings are best for the job is important for speed and efficiency. No one wants to deal with rescheduling work because of failed products.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and neat work environment for our customers. We work with your schedule and get the job done on time and on budget. Communication is critical when fast and efficient work is needed. We can be reached by text, phone and email on and off the job-site and we require the same ease of communication from our suppliers.

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