Omaha Interior Paint Color Trends

Paint color trends come and go. The trends are generally gradual. Over time you can definitely see a pattern forming. It is very interesting to see people from different parts of Omaha and the surrounding communities request the same colors or design ideas. Here is what is trending in Omaha and the surrounding area.

Accent walls are in. We consistently get requests for accent walls as part of a larger painting project. The colors vary somewhat but reds are popular as well as darker grays. Living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, entry ways, bedrooms, even hallways are all areas we are getting requests for an accent wall.

Oak cabinets and woodwork is out. This trend has been going for the past few years. It actually appears to be increasing in popularity to date. Prepping and painting oak cabinets and woodwork is something we have on the job schedule every month. The winter season has a spike in this request and then levels out more through the rest of the year. The most popular color is white. Black has been gaining in popularity over the past six months.

stained oak trim before painting
oak trim after getting painted

The paint color trends for interior wall colors are for grays and beige.

The most popular sheen for walls appears to be shifting from eggshell towards satin.

More people were asking for painted brick in 2016 and it is continuing this year. Both interior and exterior painted brick.

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