Omaha interior paint colors and trends for 2020

Omaha interior paint colors and trends for 2020: reflect the same trends for the Midwest in the United States. What’s hot in Omaha is likely to be just as popular in Kansas City.

A lot of research and money goes into predicting what will be hot or popular. These decisions influence design choices, digital marketing, graphic design, paint manufacturers decisions, fashion trends, the auto industry, etc.

If it is important to you or your just curious, here are the predictions for Omaha interior paint colors and trends for 2020.

Interior Colors:

White Heron. An off white. Leans much more towards a light grey.

First Light. Pink. I don’t think this one will take off .

Crystalline. A greenish gray. Potentially a good choice for smaller spaces like a bathroom.

Windmill Wings. A bold blue. A nice choice for a kids bedroom.

Buxton Blue. More of a historic color. Originally unveiled in 1976.

Blue Danube. Beautiful Color. Great accent color. Study or office room color.

Oxford Gray Another blueish grey.

Cushing Green Another historic color. Looks like a good accent wall color.

Thunder. Another grey. Geez. Common guys.

Golden Straw. Meh

Color Trends

Neon colors of the 80’s are back and so is the glow.

Color overlays. See-through color and transparent color.

Futuristic Colors.

Vintage-inspired palettes.

Dark Mode


Colors that carry meaning

Classic Blue Pantone’s color of the year 2020

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