Extra Paint

I accumulate a lot of paint. I give it away, leave it on job sites, donate it to worthy causes. I still end up with lots and lots of paint. Do you have extra paint? There is lots of potential in one gallon of paint. You would be surprised at how much impact a single gallon can have on your living space.

Even if you don’t have extra paint you can buy a gallon for $20 or so and mistints for lots less. Mistints are the paints that got tinted wrong. They are fine quality wise. The color just ended up wrong.

one gallon

So, the last thing I want to think about at the end of the day is how I can use up a gallon of paint around my home. However, If you are looking for some good and easy ideas for a single gallon? Here you go.

Paint a…

Ceiling: One can will do most bedrooms. Even with two coats, one should do it.

Door: A door won’t need more then a quart so you will have plenty.

one gallon

Head Board: Or a bed frame.

Stair Risers: That’s the back part of the stairs. If you have the right type of paint, paint the stair treads.

Window: Or window frame, picture frame, mirror frame.

Shelves: I like the look of painting the back parts of bookcase shelves. Interesting look.

one gallon

Furniture: End table, coffee table, wooden chair…

Bathroom: You have enough for most bathroom walls.

Mantle: As in fireplace.

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