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The number one question I am consistently asked is why painters wear white (which is answered here in another blog post). The number two question is what paint brands I use or would recommend. Everybody has their favorite. I have used many brands over the years and realize what consumers are facing when deciding what to use. We all want the best product for the least price. Some people put a higher priority on price then quality, some people the other way around.

Quality is paramount to me. Since I am also a daily consumer of paint, I also take into consideration the people I deal with. The customer service. There are paint manufactures out there that make good paint but I wouldn’t use there products because I don’t care for how they operate. Greed and avarice is no stranger to the Paint Industry.

We have already discussed quality paint and how to determine it in previous posts so there is no point in going over that again.

Manufactures often sell paint under several different labels. This is common at Big Box Stores. Sometimes this is done to give the impression of a store having it’s own brand. This also gives the impression of variety when actually one or two manufactures made everything in that store. Occasionally a major manufacturer doesn’t want direct association with a lower quality product.  Whatever the reason bear in mind that there is a shrinking list of companies that make paint and the the list will continue to get smaller because of acquisitions and the fate for those that can’t keep up.

Who I like.

Pittsburg (PPG). Founded in 1883. A global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty products. Over 46000 employees and over 1.5 billion in net income. A long list of products. You will find any paint product you will ever need here. There is a long list of labels manufactured by PPG such as Glidden, Porter, Dulux, Sikkens, etc.

They make quality products and lots of great commercial and specialty coatings.

Benjamin Moore. Also founded in 1883. Purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2000. Innovative company with high Quality products. One of the largest paint makers in North America with 7 plants and 22 distribution centers.

Products are sold through a network of 4000 independent retailers.

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