Paint Industry Insights

Paint industry insights for the Omaha market. There are several trends in the local market that are holding strong.


The trend has been to paint previously stained cabinets. This has been the case for several years and appears to continue this year. We do cabinet jobs every month and many customers are going from the classic stained oak to an off white. Another trend this past year has been to go with a different color on the cabinets on an island in the kitchen. Most common is a sharp contrast color which is dark. Dark browns, dark blues, etc.

We have done many glaze cabinet jobs. This is where we put a glaze over the painted cabinet and seal it with a clear coat. The numbers for this type of cabinet job continues to grow. Re-staining to a different color is loosing popularity.


Like cabinets, the trend has been for painting the trim in a home to an off white. Getting away from the golden oak color that was so popular years ago. This holds steady too. Many customers are also doing a two tone color scheme on the stairways. The newel posts and spindles one color and the handrail another.


The trend for putting epoxy on garage floors has fallen significantly. First the trend was to put an epoxy on the garage floor and broadcast decorative flake into it. Then the flake lost popularity. Now tit appears that the epoxy is trending out as well.

Accent Walls

Increasing in popularity. Many of the interior repaint jobs we do incorporate an accent wall. Usually a bright vibrant color.


Earth tones still dominate the Omaha market. Taupe is very popular.


Almost completely gone. We have very few wallpaper jobs that are not commercial jobs.

Exterior Repaints

Again earth tones are still the most popular. Minimal trim color in the front of the home is the most common. Usually around windows or trim boards.


Water based (latex) paint dominates the market. The past two years has seen an upsurge in the hybrid water based or water borne coatings. “Oil” paints, “urethane” paints that are soap and water cleanup. These are alkyd or urethane emulsions. They have been around for years but are becoming more readily available and popular for trim and cabinets.

These are the paint industry insights for the early spring of 2020.

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