Paint Shortages

Most company’s have been impacted with supply chain shortages. The painting industry has been especially hard hit. Paint shortages are the norm. It is very difficult to operate with everything in short supply. Record gas prices, high consumer goods prices, inflation at a twenty year high only makes it all the more challenging.

I read long ago that it is not about your resources but your resourcefulness.

We have changed the way we operate to some extent. We now buy up what we can when it is available. Tape, primer, paint, rags, etc. Even if that means buying untinted paint and taking it back to our supplier to be tinted as we need it. Sometimes the paint we need is not in our area. We really haven’t gotten much help in this regard so I have started to travel to get the paint we need. We are having to go out farther and farther. I recently went to Kansas City to get cabinet paint for two jobs.

paint shortages primer
new primer

Cabinet quality primer and paint are not things you can cut corners on. It’s worth the drive.

One thing good to come out of the paint shortages is it forced us to try some different products that we otherwise would not of. We tried three different primers. All were expensive. Two we rejected. The third we liked and will start using. We also tried a different finish coat. It is comparable to what we were using as far as durability goes but it is much more user friendly. It is something we will start using. It is one of the products I drove to K.C. to get.

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