Painting Brick

Painting Brick is not my first choice when painting a home. I like the look of brick in most cases but occasionally we are asked to paint it. Sometimes it is a good look but it is essentially forever so it is a decision you want to give thought to.

To do the job correctly there are steps that must be followed. Just like painting a house, the brick must be thoroughly washed and allowed adequate time to dry.

The brick must be primed and the primer must be sprayed and scrubbed in using a thick nap roller cover. I like a 3/4 cover. The primer of choice is XIM 400. Expensive but worth the money. You can go with a high Alkali primer but I have found that in most cases it is not necessary.

A quality exterior latex is the way to go for the finish coat. On this project we used Pittsburg Sunproof Satin. A minimum of two coats are required. Both coats should also be scrubbed in to insure good coverage and fill all cracks and pin holes in the mortar joints.

brick before
brick after

This home turned out well. Interesting color selections a sharp contrast of before and after.

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