Painting Ceilings

When we are asked to paint ceilings 99% of the time we are painting them white. People just don’t give ceilings a second thought. The default color is white.

We have painted ceilings different colors from time to time but for the most part ceilings are almost always going white. It’s pretty much the standard in the Omaha area.

You may want to consider bucking the trend. It has a very dramatic effect when you walk into a room and the ceiling is not what you are expecting. Think of the ceiling as an accent point or fifth wall.

painting ceilings

An interesting approach to the question of what color to paint your ceiling is to add some of your wall color to the standard ceiling white. How much to add is up to you but I would suggest starting light, you can always add more.

Painting ceilings a darker color then the walls gives the feeling of infinite space. It does not make a room seem smaller but actually has the opposite effect and when the walls and ceilings are painted the same color it often appears that the ceiling color is slightly lighter then the walls because of the lighting in most rooms.

Because of the nature of paint sheen I recommend going with a flat.

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