Painting Furniture

We refinish lots of cabinets and one of our cabinet customers recently asked us if we would refinish/paint a small piece of furniture for her. It is something she used in her kitchen for cookbooks and such. We painted her kitchen cabinets and she loved it, we decided to give the piece a go. Painting furniture has the same process we go through as kitchen cabinets and the products we use are the same too. At least for us that is. I have noticed furniture painting videos on Youtube and was amazed at what some are using for paint and couldn’t believe their process. To each their own.

When we do kitchen cabinets we want the most durable coating possible so we used the same approach on this piece of furniture.

painting furniture

We started by taking the unit apart as much as possible and then cleaning everything with denatured alcohol. The top was a little rough so we skimmed it with glazing putty. We also needed to repair one of the hinges on the door. The door catches were worn a bit so we installed new ones when we were done with the painting process.

We sanded everything down. We sprayed a bonding primer and then one stain blocking primer. Next was several coats of sanding primer to even everything out and make it very smooth to the touch.

painting furniture complete

We went with a gloss sheen and sprayed three coats of finish. This was followed with two coats of lacquer.

The customer loves it. Might be something we do again.

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