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Peeling Paint

Sooner or later you will have to deal with peeling paint on your home. What if I told you that you may not have to? There is a secret that not many people know about and actually not a lot of painters know about; except the old timers like me. If the painted area is wood, this secret will work for you. Now this will only work on bare or exposed wood so if you have new wood siding that’s the best but if you have areas of your home where peeling has occured, your in luck!

To understand why this works you need to understand that peeling starts when a tiny crack forms in the paint film. Water penetrates into that crack and is absorbed into the wood and causes the wood to swell. When the wood swells it pushes out on the paint film and expands the crack and then the cycle starts again and each cycle weakens the paint bond a little more each time.

peeling paint- fixing it

Now the secret. Water repellent and preservative. If this is applied to bare wood before priming and painting, you will significantly delay peeling paint for a long time. Most wood preservatives are not paintable. The label isn’t going to be much help and save yourself the frustration and don’t ask a store employee. You can call the manufacture and ask them but I will save you the trouble. Here are a few that I know are paintable  and will work.

1. Penofin Blue label

2. Woodlife Classic

3. Olympic Clear Preservative

Peeling paint is always a pain but this secret will keep it from happening for a long time.

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