Quality Cabinet Construction

Quality cabinet construction sometimes doesn’t come to light until it’s time for the cabinets to be finished. We work with several cabinet makers in Omaha. Some are very good. We occasionally have a set of cabinets that are obviously poorly made. Poor joining of materials, bad seams, really bad holes drilled for the pulls/knobs, etc.

Something to bear in mind when looking to have new cabinets made is to consider asking your finisher/painter what their opinion is. We have done work on the work of most of the manufactures in the Omaha market. Even the ones that claim to finish their own work. There is some pretty bad stuff out there.

It is time consuming to re-glue cabinet doors or re-drill drawer glides. We sometimes have to take the work to cabinet makers we are confident in because of our work load.

If you are working with a cabinet maker, ask them if they finish their own work or who they use. If you plan on getting estimates from paint contractors to do the finish work, ask them their opinion on who you may have build the cabinets.

The cabinets in these photos had a glaze finish on the white cabinets and the island and columns, which you can’t see, had a color called black fox. It actually looked more brown then black.

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