Quickie Exterior

If you read this blog then you know I’m a stickler for doing things right. We typically don’t do exterior work in November. Certainly not mid November. We made an exception this weekend with a quickie exterior because the weather was almost hitting 60 plus the fact the customer is anxious.

A quickie

It’s not the time of the year so much as it’s the weather conditions. If the temperature is right and the dew point is acceptable then we can get things rolling.

I’ve mentioned the specifics of acceptable temperature and dew point before so there is no need to go into any detail there. Just stay at least 5 degrees away from the dew point and stay above 50 degrees. Be aware what the conditions will be in the evening and overnight. That’s how most contractors get burned. The conditions are good while they are working but they go bad fast after they have left for the day.

It is very important to make it a short work day. Quit much sooner then you normally would. You don’t want to stop as the weather is getting cooler. You want to quit while it’s still nice out. That’s hard for many. There are still many hours left in the day that can be worked. The paint is curing and needs that time to set up.

This job we will only work maybe 3 or 4 hours a day and only as long as everything stays within the parameters.

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