Restaining Woodwork


Restaining woodwork is something we do every month. The color of your woodwork can be changed! Whether it is cabinets, doors, trim, etc. It is a process to do it right but it is more affordable then replacement. Changing the tone or color to a darker shade stain is a bit easier then going with a lighter color but both can be done.

What is trending in the Omaha market now (2017) is either going with a darker stained finish or painting woodwork. The days of golden oak are over.

Quality workmanship requires lots of prep work. A considerable amount of time is spent getting an area ready for the work to begin. Protecting floors, walls, furniture, etc. Sanding the old finish off and cleaning the wood takes time but is a necessary step. If going with a lighter color then additional steps involving chemical strippers and bleaching agents are added to the mix.

restaining woodwork
Golden oak going dark walnut

We like to provide sample boards so the customer can see where the project is headed. Once approved, sealers and lacquers are spray applied to protect the finish and highlight the woods beauty.

Restaining woodwork takes time and skilled hands but the end results are great!

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