Spraying in the Wind fails

Spraying in the wind fails…what do you do?

We were just doing a commercial exterior. On the first day all went according to plan. Second day everything went wrong. It was very windy. There was a constant wind of about 17 mph with occasional gusts of 30mph. These are not the type of conditions you want to spray in. We have sprayed in very windy conditions before. It is doable if you know how to compensate.

This job was a time crunch so we went for it. The wind made it feel much colder then it was. Often the hardest part in windy conditions is battling the masking you may need to do. The paper and plastic was giving us fits as they blew every which way but we didn’t give up. The masking we did took much longer then it should have and then we had to go back and redo much of it after it blew back down. Ladders blew over too but I was convinced I could make it work. There are tricks to spraying in the wind and I was determined to use all of them.

spraying in the wind fail

When we finally got enough masked off to get some spraying going, we loaded up the pump and got ready to roll. As fate would have it. One pull of the trigger on the gun and the needle in the gun appeared to go out. That means the paint keeps coming out even after releasing the trigger. We tried everything we could while out in the field. Cleaning it etc.

We decided it just wasn’t meant to be on that day and went back to the shop to fix the gun.

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