Springtime 2020

Boss Man

The spring is my favorite time of year. The promise of all the beautiful days ahead. It is traditionally a busy time of the year for a paint contractor. As April begins, it is surprisingly still somewhat busy this year. Even with all the Corona Madness going on in the world. We are no way near as busy as we normally are but we are still working on projects, bidding blueprints and we are moving forward with our expansion plans into the bay next door.

The expansion will bring on more debt and that is a little unnerving right now but it is not the end of the world. Life will go on and we will move forward. We all will.

This is a great time to get ready for the BOOM ahead. Will you be ready? or will you be slow to the starting blocks?

This is the time to trim your sail and get ready for the race ahead. How long before we will be back to where we should be is the trillion dollar question. My guess is very soon.

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