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The 2 main tapes I keep around are PG29 by Intertape and 3M’s lacquer. Through years of trial and error I have come to trust these two. I know what to expect from them and when to use each one. There are others I have on hand for various uses but the lacquer and the PG29 are my “go-to” ones.



It is one of the most overlooked items painters use. It plays a critical role in almost every job. You should never “bargain shop” for tape. Whatever you pay is money well spent. Never scrimp.

So whats’s so special about these two? The PG29 is the main one for most projects. It sticks well and comes off clean. You can use it on delicate surfaces like wallpaper. It adheres well on base boards and cabinets as well as painted surfaces.

When adhesion is a problem I pull out the lacquer tape. It has a much higher adhesion to surfaces so it is not for wallpaper or in most cases, painted surfaces.  It is important to not leave it on for long and for only a short period of time in direct sun light.

Intertape is located in Sarasota Florida and their products are available in many paint stores like Pitsburg Paint and Diamond Vogel. You can also find their products on Amazon

3M Lacquer tape is also available at most paint stores as well as on Amazon

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