The Color of your Child’s Bedroom Affects…

When deciding on a color or colors for your child’d bedroom consider that the color of your child’s bedroom affects behavior. Both Corporations and Governments have put research into how we are affected by the colors around us and have used that information to influence our choices and behavior. For example prisons paint holding areas pink because pink is a calming color. Restaurants use the color red because it stimulates appetite.

color of your child's bedroom affects behavior

Speaking of RED, it is also an energizing and exciting color. It can stimulate anger and hostility. Kids and energy go hand in hand so they don’t really need additional stimulation. If using red in a kids bedroom you may want to limit it to an accent wall.

As previously mentioned, PINK is a calming color and may be a good choice for a kids room.

GREEN is also a calming color. It has a soothing effect on both adults and children. This is a good choice for children that struggle with anxiety.

BLUE has a soothing effect as well. It reduces both anxiety and anger. Blue enhances creativity and makes a relaxing environment.

YELLOW is the color of happiness. It has been shown to boost memory and concentration. It stimulates intelligence and is a perfect choice for a kids room.

ORANGE enhances critical thinking and memory. It is friendly and cheerful. Studies have shown that children play more cooperatively in Orange rooms.

It’s fun to decorate a child’s bedroom and create an environment that will comfort and stimulate them. Remember that the hue and saturation of a color plays a critical role. One color of pink can be calming while a “hot” pink can be stimulating. The color of your child’s bedroom affects behavior. Choose the color or colors best suited for your child to enhance their unique attributes.

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