Anti-Graffiti Coatings


An Anti-Graffiti coatings are a coating that keeps graffiti from sticking to most surfaces.

Graffiti is a big problem in Omaha and across the United States. The cost to remove graffiti runs into the billions of dollars annually. The coatings are typically either a pigmented paint or a clear coat and are either a “sacrificial coating” or a “non-sacrificial coating”. Non-sacrificial coatings are sometimes referred to as a permanent coating.


Sacrificial coatings are coatings applied to a substrate that will be sacrificed or removed along with the graffiti that is upon it. Usually these coatings only require a high pressure washing to remove the coating and the graffiti. After removal of the graffiti and the sacrificial coating they must be reapplied to prevent future graffiti vandalism. Often these coatings are water based products that have weak bonds to the surface that allows for easy removal.


Non-sacrificial coatings are more expensive then sacrificial but they only need to be applied once. When these coatings have graffiti on them it usually just takes a cleaner or solvent to remove them.

We will be using a non-sacrificial coating on a bus depot for the Metro Area Transit in Omaha. It is a new and unpainted structure so we will be using a clear coating. These coatings require the standard exterior prep of power washing prior to application.

Anti-graffiti coatings have become an integral part of todays society.

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