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Exterior Painting

When we do an exterior estimate we list the various steps we do before getting to the painting. Usually the first step is power washing. If there is lots of carpentry work that needs to be done we will do that first and then power wash. It is not a good idea to power wash a home if there is bad siding or window trim. It can cause additional damage. When washing we will use various chemicals to clean and kill mold/mildew. It is very important to completely clean the exterior of a home before painting.

After The home is clean and dry we move into sanding, priming and caulking. All are critical for a great paint job.


Skip a step and there will be a problem. We recently did an exterior that was going to need carpentry work. When we got into the carpentry it became obvious what the cause of all the damage was. When the home was previously painted many of the windows were not caulked. Caulking is critical. The water had a path into the home and caused lots of damage to not only the siding but the sheathing and structural framing as well.

caulking is important
Caulking Fail

It is easy to take a step or two for granted but as you can see, they are important. The home in the photos looked like it needed to be painted but there was no obvious sign that extensive damage was taking place. There were a couple boards that looked like they might need replacing and a couple bowed pieces of siding. Once we got into the carpentry it was quickly obvious that not only was there water damage but carpenter ants had moved in to feast on all the rotting wood.

On exterior residential paint jobs we list 21 steps that will ensure a quality job.

We have both highly experienced painters as well as  a couple skilled carpenters on staff. If you think your home may need carpentry work to go with a new paint job, give us a call!

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