Exterior Painting 2021


The exterior painting season (2021) for Omaha got off to a slow start the weather was rather cool in the spring, especially at night, and now in August we have non stop heat advisories. Many people ask me when the best time of the year is for exterior painting. It is in the late spring or early fall. Those are the ideal weather conditions.

Most exteriors take about a week regardless of the time of year. Rain will of course always cause delays. There hasn’t been any major changes in the color trend this year. A few more people painting their brick and a bit more dark colors. Dark grays and blues.

We have had many steel and vinyl paint jobs so far this year and a lot of exterior commercial repaints. Strip malls and such.

The biggest challenge this year is the shortage of paint. If we need 20 gallons of paint we can find 6. It is very frustrating and make scheduling difficult. We have started buying the un-tinted base for many of the products we normally use. It’s a little odd to walk into our supplier with the paint in hand and ask them to tint it up but times area different at present.

The shortages are across the board. We are having a difficult time finding blast media for some industrial projects that need sand blasting.

We have an industrial project that is hung up because of the blast media shortage. We were able to find enough paint to do a small masonry building while waiting for additional supplies.

Unfortunately we are being told the shortages will only get worse.

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