Glazing Cabinets

Glazing cabinets is not really difficult. It is more time consuming and does take a bit of technique or experience. There are several way to glaze a cabinet. It can be done both when staining or painting a cabinet. The attache d photos are of a job we just did that was originally a classic golden oak cabinet that we prepped out and painted. Then we glazed it.

no glaze yet

So we went through the same process as when we paint a cabinet. The same masking, sanding, priming, etc. then we started the glazing process. In this case we used two different dyes and a glazing paste. We covered the cabinets or doors and then removed as much glaze to achieve the desired look.


We did several samples to determine the look the customer was looking for. After the cabinets have been glazed with the custom mix they are sealed with a clear coat. In this case we used a Satin Laquer.

Many different looks can be achieved by simply how much you wipe off, how you wipe it off and slight adjustments to the formula can have a dramatic change in appearance.

Occasionally we will dry brush a second glaze or more to achieve a unique look.

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