Hallway Painting

I never realized the number of people that read this blog until this winter. It has been pointed out to me by several people that there has not been a post since September. I didn’t think it had been that long but when your busy I guess time flies.

We completed a few exterior commercial painting projects just before the weather turned and have been busy through the winter.

We are currently doing an interior remodel project of 80 residential units. You don’t realize how large the project is until you start to walk the hallway or in our case paint it. There are three hallways that are a 1/2 mile long each.

hallway painting
long hallway

This particular building is also shaped like half an octagon. It became easier to brave the cold and walk across the parking lot to get to the other side rather then keep walking the distance. When your painting a hallway this long, it sucks to haul your materials/paint out into the cold to get to the other side so you have decide to either “do the walk” or face the cold.

Hallway painting can become tedious when it is this length but attention to detail is still a must. The above photo shows the hallway walls and trim completed. The photo below shows how we had to remove a strip of carpet on each side to spray the base trim. This was important because the new carpet was not as thick as the old. If we did not spray all the way to the floor there would be a band of unpainted trim showing. This would be a nightmare to deal with on the back side after the carpet was installed.

hallway painting
Trim sprayed

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